Lamborghini: History of Lamborghini and Never Insult a Tractor Tycoon By Business Magazine (English Edition)

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Lamborghini as with Enzo Ferrari the story of Lamborghini once again takes us to the northern Italian province of Emilia Romagna in the quiet township of Rinaldi gentle it is there that poor grape farmers Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini raised their son Ferruccio among the family’s vineyards young Ferruccio was born a Taurus although you see why that’s important a little bit later, more importantly, he was born in 1916 smack dab in the middle of the first world war.
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The History of Lamborgini

The history of ‘Lamborghini Automobili’ officially starts in 1963. Nevertheless, we must consider the far-off roots of this event, and they are the roots of Ferruccio Lamborghini. Born in 1916, this capable, impetuous, strong-willed Taurus was the leading character in the foundation of the company and the early phases of its extraordinary history.

By the time he decided to build a factory of luxury sports cars, Ferruccio was already a very wealthy man. In the period following World War II, he founded his tractor factory, which he launched with energy and determination, creating a major point of reference in this industry. Other businesses followed, and he amassed his fortune at the perfect time, before his fiftieth birthday. By the early Sixties, Lamborghini was a powerful and successful man who knew exactly what he wanted, but when he said he would build a super sports car to compete with Ferrari, many people thought he was mad. Constructing that kind of car was viewed as an unexplainable extravagance, a hazardous leap in the dark, and something that would squander his fortune without ever turning a profit.

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